This is the Cassette cover to the first demo released in 1985.

Songs were     "Keeper of the Flame"  " Enchantress of the Knight"   "Full Speed Ahead"   "In the Year 2525"

OVERLORDE  "Keeper of the Flame"  song number 3.  Released in 1987  Metal Massacre Vol VIII.

Metal Blades Metal Massacre Volumes 8 and 9 Released in 1994 together.

Metal Blade Records Release of Metal Massacres Volumes 8 and 9 combined in 2001 and on Vinyl in 2011

1. Full Speed Ahead

2. Keeper of the Flame

3. Enchantress of the Night

4. In the Year 2525

5. Knights of the Realm

6. So Be It

7. Trouble

8. Keeper of the Flame (Metal Massacre Vol VIII Version)

All songs remastered demo versions.This was Released in 2012 on Heaven and Hell Records

New Cover for our latest release.

Medieval Metal Days The Demo Years Released on Heavy Forces Records on Vinyl on March, 7th,2014.

Now avaiable on CD April 8th,2014. With a bonus track not found on the LP "Keeper of the Flame 2014" with the current line up.

Released in 2015. Audio Ferox Records has digital release on Amazon, iTunes, spotify, Google Play, i Heart Radio Station Overlord SR. This CD is SOLD Out from Overlord SR, get your download from Audio Ferox Records.

Back cover of Still Standing CD with Track Titles. Get your download from Audio Ferox Records.

 Live CD release for 2016 on Exitus Srtatagem Records "Still Alive and Standing". Dowmload and CD's are everywhere.  12 songs of Live concert of the bands best songs!