This is the brand new website for OVERLORD SR based out of Fayetteville, North Carolina. This is the Hard Rock Featured band from the 80's on the Metal Blade release Metal Massacre Vol. 8!


OVERLORD SR released thier first four song demo called Medieval Metal only on cassette in 1985. The demo sold over 10,000 copies through sales at live shows and local record stores throughout North Carolina. This demo was sent to several record labels and Metal Blade Records wanted the song "Keeper of the Flame" for thier up coming release in thier Metal Massacre series. This series has spawned bands such as Metallica, Black and Blue just to name a few. The band Overlorde was the featured hard rock band on the Metal Blade release of Metal Massacre Vol. 8 in 1987, now known as Overlord SR.

"Still Standing" CD is sold out and Overlord SR is no longer with Audio Ferox Records. A Remix and remaster of this CD is on the way through Exitus Stratagem Records coming soon.

The New Live  CD release  "Still Alive and Standing" is on Exitus Stratagem Records. Digital release is on 11-11-16 and the CD's will be released on 12-09-16. A DVD of this show will be released in 2018 by Exitus Stratagem Records. 

The band is in their studio working on new songs for their next studio release LP. Stay tuned for the release update once the album is ready. The album is going to be released on Exitus Stratagem Records.

The bands show is festival ready and they are looking to play several big shows in the up and coming years.  Look for them in your town soon.