Thanks for visiting the new home of OVERLORD SR  or OSR!. This is the band from the 80's that was the featured Hard Rock Band on the Metal Blade Metal Massacre Vol. 8 as Overlorde and now Overlord SR! This is the place where you can check out all the latest news, photos, music and videos.Updates will happen to the site often so check us out as often as you like. The band is currently releasing material with Heavy Forces Records on vinyl. Thanks and Keep RockN!  


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 Overlord SR latest photo in leather armor.

Latest Release on Heavy Forces Records on Vinyl of Demo's and Live Material Never Heard Before. Titled  "Medieval Metal Days The Demo Years".

This is the current line up of OVERLORD SR for 2014. From L to R   Craig Dunham, Bob Durocher, Steven V. Sosa Jr., Zip and Wildman George Koerber.    Picture taken by Darrell Collins of Sound Images of NC LLC.

 Wildman George Koerber with his latest endorsement The Dillon "Magellan Deluxe" Guitar. Go to and check out the "Magellan" and all their other models.


Wildman George says " I have played Gibson E/2 Explorers for years since 1980 but the Dillon "Magellan Deluxe" plays like butter and sounds awesome and for over half the price but not the quality, plays better than my Explorers and is fun to play!"